Our Space

A sanctuary dedicated to the practice and mindfulness of Yoga

Our Indoor 4,000 square-foot space includes three air-conditioned practice rooms (including a separate meditation space), two large bathrooms with showers and changing areas, and a fully stocked retail area with all the mats, props, clothes, and accessories to support your practice.

All of our rooms are equipped with the props required for the styles we teach and a world class sound system.

Out Outdoor 3,000 square-foot space includes two large areas with appropriate flooring to hold a great yoga practice outdoors.  The space across the street at Aikido by the Bay holds 18-25 people (with expansion capability if needed). The space behind the Blue Room of Nandi, will hold 10-14 people in a very private setting under a very large oak tree. Both places give us the flexibility we need to safely hold in person classes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Every inch of our space reflects the connections we feel to our practice, to our planet, and to our community.