Yoga is more than a physical practice of poses and motion

The traditional goal of the asana (pose) practice is to prepare the body and mind to be still for meditation so that the student can move beyond stress-inducing thoughts and emotions into a more peaceful mindset. With a variety of approaches and techniques, the goal of meditation is always the same – to cultivate mindful awareness and expanded consciousness.

Our offerings include

A meditation class offered on Sunday at 6:15 pm to help you establish a consistent practice.

Asana classes which include a short meditation either at the beginning or end of classes including Jivamukti, Energetic Vinyasa Flow and Iyengar.

A monthly Pranayama & Meditation Workshop

A peaceful meditation room you can use before or after your class.

Private sessions with one-on-one instruction.

Benefits of Meditation

This focused concentration allows us to let go of the distractions of the outside world and provides rest and attention to our minds (and brains), supporting our overall health and mental well-being. In a world of distractions and stress, with brain diseases increasing exponentially, and with people seeking a desire to reconnect with their humanity and spirit, more and more people are now meditating.

Our Meditation Program

At Nandi, we are continuing to grow our meditation program and seek to support all of our students, both new and experienced, in this mindful practice. A brief guided meditation is often incorporated into our classes and workshops. You can also meditate before or after your class in our peaceful meditation room. We periodically offer workshops and classes as well and can also work with you one-on-one in a private session if that would be more comfortable.