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Flow is a dynamic style of yoga that links movement with breath, generating heat by mindfully moving in and out of postures. It is a fast paced style that typically has shorter holds in poses and requires strong focus and concentration to stay connected to each and every movement.

Beginner Series

Classes are designed for new students and include basic poses, slower movements, accessible transitions, and a focus on building your practice safely.  

Vinyasa Flow

Level I or mixed levels classes are moderately paced sequences with a combination of standing and seated poses with a broader set of influences.  Level II/III classes include more advanced transitions, sequences and postures.


This style of yoga, developed by Sharon Gannon and David Life, is physically vigorous and dynamic as well as spiritual, intellectual and emotional.  Each class is supported by a monthly theme that interweaves philosophy and spiritual teachings from both modern and ancient yogic texts and incorporates chanting Sanskrit mantras, the spoken word, and inspiring music. Spiritual Warrior is a one-hour, open-level class in this style with a fixed sequence.

Bhakti Flow

Developed by San Francisco-based teacher Rusty Wells, Bhakti Flow focuses on deep rhythmic breathing combined with a rigorous asana practice in a warm studio with inspiring music. Each class begins and ends with chanting.  

Ashtanga Vinyasa

This fast-paced style incorporates poses developed by Pattabhi Jois and Larry Schultz.  The warm up poses are traditional Sun Salutations followed by a standing sequence, a series of poses on the floor and ending with a finishing sequence that includes backbends and inversions.  The first Sunday of the month is the full Primary Series and the other classes are inspired by the Rocket Series incorporating poses from the other series.

Sadhana Flow

Sadhana, or “Spiritual Practice”, combines the technique of vinyasa flow with meditation, pranayama, Sanskrit chanting and great music. This dynamic yet sustainable practice imparts both modern and ancient yogic teachings while exploring personal structure and form. Be prepared to move, sweat, and laugh.  Although open to all levels, it is recommended that you have a basic knowledge of to receive the full benefits.

Please see the class descriptions within the schedule page for more details.

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