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Iyengar Yoga, one of the oldest yoga styles, has a well developed, systematic approach that is optimal for new students and great for students interested in the technique of building yoga postures from the ground up. Iyengar focuses on structural alignment of the body in each pose and incorporates precision, timing and sequencing consistent with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Poses, usually held for one-to-three minutes, provide a solid basis for any yoga practice.

Aligning the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual bodies

The goal is to get the physical body in line with the mental body, the mental body in line with the intellectual body and the intellectual body in line with the spiritual body so that each is in balance with the others. Each asana has an optimal line or position – from the head to the foot, from the front to the back, from the right to the left – without deviation, without distortion.  Furthermore the use of yoga props, such as blocks, belts, and bolsters allows everyone to practice yogasana.

As Iyengar said:

“When each cell exists in clarity, it is precision.

When each cell is sensitive to being in the present, it is timing.

When each cell can flow harmoniously into the next moment, it is sequencing.”

At the present time, we offer two Iyengar classes in the morning (one during the week and one on Sunday)

We also offer workshops throughout the year including pranayama, chair yoga and advanced Iyengar.  New students focus on alignment using props as needed and more experienced students have the option of exploring more challenging variations.

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