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Class Level

Our classes are taught by level of experience and ability

All Level classes (except Level II/III classes) can be attended by every student, including beginners.  Please note that each class will include basic poses and movements for newer students who may be working side by side with more experienced students who will likely be working on more advanced variations of the same pose.  Our teachers will offer variations of poses so students can focus at the right level.

Beginning/Level I Classes

Designed for novices to yoga, those who are coming back to the practice after a long absence or those who want to focus on the fundamentals at a slower pace. Teachers will offer alternatives for each pose ranging from beginner to moderate levels.

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Level I/II Classes

Suitable for students with some yoga experience who know the fundamentals of yoga, including basic alignment and moving in and out of poses with the breath; classes will include intermediate poses.

Level II/III Classes

Geared towards advanced students who are ready for more challenging postures, including inversions and arm balances.

Open Classes

Intended for practitioners who feel they have mastered the basic poses and have a solid foundation. This level is not recommended for new students. Students have the option to modify poses and focus on fundamentals, while more experienced students can choose to advance to more challenging postures.

Master Classes

For yoga teachers or students who have years of experience and focus on the most challenging asanas and transitions.

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If you are unsure of which level or class is right for you, click the Contact Us button below so we can help you. You can also call or stop by the studio anytime during operating hours and we would be happy to go over the best options for you.

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